*B.D.R.* New Complete Neko Outfit Only 99L

I love this new outfit ^.^ It's called Rock Me and includes: *One shoulder Top with sculpted bottom and sleeves. 3 Styles: White Skull, Diamond Skull or One color fabric. *Ripped Jeans with or without fishnets + Jeans Cuffs *Gloves with or without fishnets *Writting Tattoo *Ankle Boots *Chain on mouth * Ears & Tail. 

This outfit is available in 6 Colors and 99L promo on Marketplace and our store too \o/ 
See it on Marketplace Here
- Styling Card Here

 Enjoy ^.^

*B.D.R.* 2 New Complete Neko Outfits Only 99L

The new outfit today, well the name of the new outfit is inspired on a song that I love called Dancing In The Dark from DEV :D
I've made 2 versions: Dress and Baggy. Both Versions are available in 9 colors or Fat Pack (Save 50%)
 99L promo on Marketplace and our store.
- See all combinations on Marketplace Here 
- Styling Card Here

*B.D.R.* Dancing In the Dark (Baggy Version). Includes: *Fishnet Top *Baggy Pants in 4 styles *Sculpted Baggy *Pasties *Writting Tattoo *Mini Jacket with Collar, Shoulders, Sleeves and Cuffs *Headphones *Sneakers in 2 versions: To wear with baggy and to wear without them *Ears & Tail 

*B.D.R.* Dancing In the Dark (Dress Version). Includes: *Fishnet Dress With 2 lower styles: Complete Fishnet or with a matching color Strap *Pasties *Writting Tattoo *Mini Jacket with Collar, Shoulders, Sleeves and Cuffs *Headphones *Lace Up Boots *Ears & Tail

Have a wonderful week!

*B.D.R.* And Make Her Over Hunt 1

This is the gift I made for the Make Her Over Hunt 1. But you need to join to Make Her Group to receive the gift. Copy and paste this in your local chat:  

The hunt will be starting tomorrow. There is 111 stores participating ^.^ I'm number 83 btw x.x 

* Hunt Info
- Date: Sept 25 - Oct 25
- My Hint: Check out the plants! and don't forget to join to MHO Group
- More info about other stores here and here
- You will receive the hints in the first landing point!
- TP to *B.D.R.* --> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beautiful%20Dirty%20Rich/68/132/24
- My Gift for this Hunt
  - Styling Card Here

Happy Hunting ^.^

*B.D.R.* New Knit Tops

This is a special pack of knit tops (100% Sculpted) They includes a change texture HUD with a total of 12 Textures. There is 5 sizes included: XS, S, M, L and XL. 
There is 4 Combinations available: Black Stripes, White Stripes, Gray Stripes and One Color Fabric.
99L Promo. You may see it on Marketplace Here or TP to ur store --> http://slurl.com/secondlife/Beautiful%20Dirty%20Rich/68/132/24
- Styling Card Here

I hope you like it ^.^
Cameron Vasiliov

*B.D.R.* New Lingerie Set

Today we have a new lingerie set 100% sculpt. I've made 4 basic colors: Black, Red, Pink and Purple.
Each color includes 5 sizes (Top & Thong). Resize System Included and a note with instructions just in case you need to make manua editing. 
- 99L promo on Marketplace Here 
- Styling Card Here 

*B.D.R.* New Horns Set

A new Horns Set made my friend Melisa Algoma are available in the store ^.^
You can find them in 20L promo for ONE week on marketplace and inworld. Normal Price 99L.
- 57 Prims
- Attached to chin
- Resize System

Enjoy the promo

New ANnEV male hair


*B.D.R.* New Complete Leather Outfit

Finally is ready yay! This is the new outfit of today called NeurotiKat. Includes a lot of options, you can wear it as a dress, catsuit, mini jacket, mini skirt, long pants and I love the boots :Q___
You can find this outfit in 6 colors and 99L promo in our store and Marketplace. 
- See it on Marketplace Here
- Styling Card Here

Enjoy your weekend ^.^

Cloth "Gold"


*B.D.R.* And the Hardcore Hunt :O

This is a +18 Hunt ... nah :D  but it's a naughty hunt and I love this kind of things too ^.^
Info About the Hunt:
- The hunt started today (Sep 16th) till October 16th.
- You need to find a bottle. (It looks like a bottle of whisky o.O) 
- My Hint: I wanna f*ck Government Hooker -Extra Hint: The Hooker is in the Hair Salon-
- Info about other Stores and Hints Here
- This is the gift I made for the hunt:
   - Styling Card Here

Special Thanks to Naiya for the invitation and for making all this possible u.u!!
Happy Hunting

*B.D.R.* And The Disco Hunt \o/

Yay a new hunt jus started, the disco Hunt :D I love this kind of hunts, where I need to create something so different to the outfits I normally do ^.^
Info about the Hunt:
- The hunt goes till October 15th
- You need to find a little white ball o.O 
- My Hint: It looks like a dancefloor, a pink dancefloor yay!
- Info about other stores and hints here
This is the gift I made for this occasion:
  - Styling Card Here

Special thanks to Manuel for the invitation and for making this wonderful hunt ^.^
Happy Hunting

OMG! WE ARE +10.000!! o.O

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! wow I still can't belive it u.u!!1 I'm so happy and so proud and so ... 
I don't know how to say it in english lol but is good ^.^
This is an exclusive outfit I made for this special occasion. It's called Reputation. Sexy leather outfit made in 9 colors and all possible layers.
I hope you like it as much I loved to making it u.u!!!
Thank you so much for being a member of our group.
Styling Card Here 

Enjoy your gift ^.^

*B.D.R.* New Complete Neko Outfit Only 99L

This outfit is so cute u.u!!!! It's called Panda Luv and is available in 7 colors.

Each outfit includes: * Tank Top Dress *Gloves *Fishnet Leggins *Panda Hat *Boots * Ears & Tail
You can find this outfit in 99L promo on Marketplace Here 
Styling Card Here

I hope you like it u.u!

*B.D.R.* New Gift Of The Month

Yay New Month = New Gift ^.^ 
This time I've made an extra color of our new outfit called Panda Luv. 
You can see the styling card here

Please Note: Group gifts are exclusive. That means they are exclusive outfits or a special color of an outfit. When I remove the gift from the vendor it will be gone forever x.x

Enjoy the giftand have a wonderful weekend ^.^
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