ella tiada tangis lagi

judul : tiada tangis lagi
penyanyi: ella
genre: rock

ella tiada tangis lagi
Engkau jadi kenangan dalam hati
Terlalu lama engkau pergi
Langit masih begitu
Anggun nan biru
Memayungi taman kalbu
Kiambang menjadi lambang
Kau bagai bayang-bayang
Kini kuterbuang
Di danau tenang selalu
Seolah tidak tahu gelora di hatiku
Selama hayat ini kusimpan rahsia hati

Kurenung masa nan lalu
Terasa pilu
Ke mana harus ku mengadu
Kiambang menjadi lambang
Kau bagai bayang-bayang
Kini kuterbuang
Di danau tenang selalu
Seolah tidak tahu gelora di hatiku
Selama hayat ini kusimpan rahsia hati
Di sini kuberdiri
Tiada tangis lagi

lyric disini ( ganti .txt jadi .lrc )
lagu disini

eminem slim shady


May I have your attention please,

may I have your attention please,

will the real slim shady please stand up,

I repeat will the real slim shady please stand up

.....we're gonna have a problem here.........

(Verse 1)

Ya'll act like you never seen a white person before

jaws all on the floor

like Pam and Tommy just burst in the door

and started whoopin her ass worse than before

they first were divorced

throwing her over furniture (aaaaaah)

It's the return of the...

From Paris Fashion Week

Sending you lots of love and macarons from an insanely hectic, fantastic, fun Paris Fashion Week! On the first night here I visited the huge H&M event with all the worlds fashion and movie stars and even did a little dance with Cara Delevingne and Lindsey Wixson. I'll tell you all about that soon. Best. Fashion Week moment. Ever.

Right now I'm on my way to go backstage at Roland Mouret - extremely exciting (and equally intense since I've been working until 02.30 at night. See, Fashion Week isn't a holiday but with better clothes). After that I'll meet up with friends (I'm here with Cindy and Chantal) for coffee and croissants and jump in a cab to go backstage at Isabel Marant! I couldn't be more excited. I'll be doing an interview for ELLE and photograph the toppest of top models getting ready for This chick's got style. Keep you posted! Bisous, Yara


photos by Cocorosas

Happy new hair

I'll honestly admit to my blondorexia. I went light, lighter, lightest over the weekend and chopped off a good 10 centimeters. Not that radical at all but if you're used to having really long locks for most of your life you get attached and every millimeter that goes missing is kinda scary. Long haired ladies back me up on this one ;) Excuse the grainy pictures, I just couldn't wait to give you guys an idea of what it turned out like. Anyway, it feels good, fun and fresh. New chapter in life, new haircut. Let's go!

Sunday rituals

To me, Sundays are a week summarized in 24 hours. Like a capsule collection, but with days. I do a little bit of organizing, I do a little bit of nothing (well, if you can call Sex and the City-athons or online shopping nothing, I mean...), I do a little bit of blog work and I do a little bit of friend and family time (Sunday brunch is everything!). Right now I'm getting some chores done and in an hour I'm meeting up for a well deserved coffee break with one of my ELLE colleagues (I shared a snap of us in Paris last FW on my Instagram) who lives five minutes away, in a cute cafe that's exactly in between our two apartments. Besides food and friends perhaps my favorite part of Sunday is when I wake up with the winter sun shining through my balcony windows and when I decide to have tea and magazines in bed and don't brush my hair all day, as seen above (I know, such a rebel). And what are your Sunday rituals?

photo by Eefje Gerritsjans

Like a boy ...

                                                                                   CLICK TO SEE MORE

                                                                                           boots: thanks to Choies.com (here),
                                                                                           jeans: Zara (here),
                                                                                           shirt: thanks to Sheinside.com (here),
                                                                                           jacket: New Yorker,
                                                                                           cap: Gap,
                                                                                           watch: Michael Kors,
                                                                                           ph. Masa

The quickest update is here cause I'm busy more than ever:
new favorite jeans mixed with my sister's old bomber college jacket.
Now I'm off to dance in Ciara's video or cheer on a baseball game, still didn't figure out where to go with these legs!
Hope you will like it!

p.s. thank you for your lovely comments on my previous post, glad that you like it! :)

Current hairspiration

Totally feeling the modern boho vibe the hair in these shots are having. While flipping through the March issue of ELLE UK (which is usually the first title I devour from my weekend reading stack) I came across this beautiful shoot that also happened to feature a perfect messy cut and natural color. Not too sure if this is achievable without hair gurus bristling every lock in place for six hours, but I guess I'll find out soon because I'm off to the hair dresser in an hour. Shorter and blonder, let's go!


All black

Happy Friday! These are some quick snaps while on my way to a fun meeting yesterday. Amsterdam is so stunning when the sun lights up the old buildings and charming little canals, it makes me fall in love with my city all over again. Now let's hope it will start heating up the city anytime soon as well, before you go nuts with seeing me in a big coat again ;) 


photos by Eefje Gerritsjans

Hair how to: how I do my top bun

AW3yrL on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Whenever I'm working (or just doing MTV marathons. Or an attempt at actual marathons) it's of absolute importance that my hair is out of my face. I feel like I can think more freely without long blonde locks constantly getting the way of my view. So when I posted an outfit with me sporting my high bun last Friday (here), I got quite a lot of comments, e-mails and instagram questions (on this top bun pic) on how I did it. 

So here's a little tutorial of the easiest do ever: the messy top bun. Simply pull all your hair up, twist it one way (twist tight for a smaller and less messy bun) and secure with a hair band. And what's your go to hair style when you're up to some serious business?

photos by Eefje Gerritsjans

New Gift Of The Month

This is actually January and February group gift. I had a few problems in january so I couldn't finish it in time, but now is ready \o/

This is a special version of an outfit I'm curretly working, includes a lace dres sin 2 styles: lather/Lace and full lace (Only full lace version includes breasts appliers)

This gift has been released in february 20th and is going to be available until march 20th.

TP to *B.D.R.* -> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beautiful%20Dirty%20Rich/106/187/24

Click on the picture to check flickr styling card :)


*B.D.R.* Latest Releases

Well, finally I got my password back, after so much time being away from sl I forgot a few things x'D

This outfit was released a week ago is called Fallen Angel. I've made 3 Versions: Black, Red and Fishnet.

Each outfit includes: Dress in 2 styles: Style 1: Long sleeves dress *Collar & cuffs *Breasts Appliers for Lolas Tango, BBusty and Lush (Fishnet Version doesn't includes appliers) Style 2: Naughty dress, gloves and pasties, drap. Included for both styles: Skirt with belt, Blindfold, sculpted wings, arrow and bow (Non-Rigged), Leather boots (S-M-L) -Rigged-, make up in 4 styles.

- We have a new landing point -> http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Beautiful%20Dirty%20Rich/128/111/22

- Buy on marketplace Here


This is a special pack of lace dresses, there is 4 colors included and also includes appliers for Lolas Tango, BBusty and Lush. 


Spring in a shoe

When I first spotted these leopard and suede sandals at Barneys Co-Op in New York last September during Fashion Week, I was smitten. I wouldn't dare leave New York without a new pair of shoes (it's like leaving Hawaii without a floral shirt, or leaving Paris without macarons!), I was still high on the NY buzz and had some deep shoe and bag conversations with the loveliest sale girl that recognized me from my blog. And before I knew it, I was swiping a Mastercard and purchased these chic black suede and blue/green/gray-ish animal hair strappy sandals. 

When push came to shove, I didn't dare ruin them in the beige sand at Jardin des Tuileris during Paris FW a week later and right after that fall started. Since I never got to wear them yet (such a shame!) and they're just standing by my bed being pretty, I figured they at least deserved a proper post. I can almost feel spring when I look at these (main spring thoughts include midnight cocktail moments, super tan lags that will never happen, and far away fashion trips) and can't wait to finally break them in. Let's go leopard!


photos by Eefje Gerritsjans

Storage ideas ...

                                                                                              CLICK TO SEE MORE

After a one week rush with lots of things to do on my list, finally I managed to update you with brand new post. Many of you asked me about my jewelry collection and how I organized it, so here it is! ;)
Last year I made a new additional closet with my dad, and these drawers were the best thing that I decided to add. As we are not professionals, I gotta admit that it wasn't the easiest thing to do while we were measuring and trying to make them equal by installing them. But it really worth it at the end.
Now, I have place where I can organize every single item which was hard to keep in order before.
Draw for flowers, bracelets, belts or sunglasses, make up or whatever you want, hidden inside of your closet! Am I smart or what? ;)
Do you like it?

p.s. I will give my best to answer to all of your questions today!
p.p.s. the last photo is a little sneak peek into my next outfit post or a proof  how durable my closet is ! ;)

Love? I'd rather fall in chocolate

Chocolate always succeeds to make me feel better. If you feel sad: chocolate is a great thing. If you feel happy: chocolate is a great thing too! Today I'm stuck at home because I'm not feeling well and - ponding headaches aside - the one little bright thing is getting some time for me, music, magazines (are all good things in life m-words?) and endless supplies of Chai tea and sweets. 

Usually it's Milka's caramel bar that instantly cheers me up. If I could, I'd only eat caramel in my life (wait, that's unfair to potato chips! And hamburgers!). Today I'm feeling super adventurous though and I'm stuffing myself with something new, since they made a marriage happen between chocolate and another world wonder: cookies! One of them (Lu) is a traditional sand cookie and the other (Tuc) is a slightly salty biscuit. Salted caramel (yes, getting back on that topic again) is a treat that I love so I was curious to bite in to the sweet and slightly salty Tuc bar. And now? Half of each is left, so that requires another movie-magazine-snack session later this week ;)

Is chocolate your ultimate comfort food as well and do you want to try out the same chocolates I’m eating right now (duhh!)? Well... You can! Milka will personally send a Lu or Tuc milk chocolate bar to each of my Dutch readers, just leave me a comment saying which of these two options you'd love to try out (add your e-mail address so they can get in touch!). Isn't that sweet? Happy chocolate day!

A dressing formula

Oversized anythings (in this case: striped jumpers and coats) work so well with teeny tiny bottoms (in this case: a little rib velvet skater skirt). And so do navy and black, which I've paired here - the coat is deep blue and so are the stripes. It's one of my favorite subtle color combos plus it somehow always reminds me of France (see how easy it is to use clothes for imaginary travelling? Which makes them worth their money that much more). 


photos by Eefje Gerritsjans
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